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Auto Detail Pricing



Basic Detail Package 

(See Price Guide Below) 


Exterior: Wash and wax paint, tires, rims and treat tires. bumper, grill, and windows, wipe door jams.


Interior: Thoroughly vacuum, treat, and shampoo carpets and seats (leather and cloth), wipe and treat dash, consoles, rubber sealants, door jams, windows, Trunk/ Storage.


Advance Detail Package

(This package will be plus $30)


Clay-bar kit will be applied to remove embedded surface contamination that still remains on paint after washing. Example: paint over spray, fallout, environmental contaminants and sap. This will allow the wax to last longer and give a overall better finish.


Meguiar's: Scratch-X 2.0 will be applied to remove finer scratches and blemishes before waxing.

Trim Restore of all plastic and vinyl trims on the exterior.

Polish Rims by hand to give a cleaner appearance and protection.

Premier Detail Package

(This package will be plus $60) 


This package includes everything the "Advance Package" does. The base wax will be replaced with Jet-Seal a paint sealant protection, that last up to 12-months. This is a sealant that provides additional protection and a better finish. (See additional information on Jet-Seal at the bottom of Videos and Products page)

 Headlights will be restored to like new again and headliner will be spot cleaned

Paint Restore and Wax Package Exterior Only

(Price Range: $150 to $300)

This is a total restore (Paint Correction) detail that will remove all contamination, finer scratches, and swirl marks out of the paint... leaving it with a deep rich shine. Recommended for vehicles with light to medium paint defects (fine scratches, swirl marks, and blemishes). Deep scratches that are past the clear-coat will not be repaired. These scratches typically require wet-sanding or repainting.

-Thorough Wash (Removing dirt and other falling items on paint and vehicle)

-Clay-Bar (Removes contamination that still remains on paint after wash)

-Repair and compound  (Removes Finer Scratches, blemishes, dullness, and swirl marks)

-Finish Wax (Shines and Protects)

-Hand Polish, Treat Tires, and Rims.

Basic Detail Price Guide

Prices may change due to removing excessive stains or pet hair 


    Vehicle Type








Pickup Trucks



Vans$245$260$285 (12 to 15 passenger)

 Interior Only

 Exterior Only

 $115 to $150

 $115 to $185

Note: Prices above do not reflect the "Advance Detail" and "Premier Package" price.

Example: If you had a 4 door Van and wanted the Premier package the total detail price would be $310.